Soundtrack To My Life – Amy

Often found in a millennial pink shirt with the words ‘dogs are cool’ emblazoned across it, she’s 90% pomegranate carmex, and almost definitely wrote this in a room lit only by pink neon and fairy lights – it’s editor, Amy’s turn! (I HAD TO WRITE THIS IN THIRD PERSON AND I HATED IT TOO I’M SO SORRY). Enjoy x

1. Favourite band/artist?

I’m yet to grow out of The 1975 lol. But Ben Howard is the true love of my life x

2. Favourite film soundtrack?

I still love the La La Land soundtrack A LOT. Also, Whilst I LOATHE The Social Network entirely, I’ve always actually liked a couple of bits from the score (the cinematography is a bit nice too). However the film itself can choke and die. The Fifty Shades films also have reaaaaaally good soundtracks, soz.

3. Favourite track(s) at the moment?

Lizzo – Juice. I probably play this approximately 83 times while I’m at the gym. I love everything she stands for – sexual liberation, body positivity, femininity and I’m here for her feel-good bops.

Ben Howard – There’s Your Man. No surprises here really, the album’s been out nearly a year and it’s still on in the background most evenings.

4. First gig you attended?

Biffy Clyro in Princes Street Gardens at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay in 2010/11. A pretty decent first gig, nah?

5. Favourite gig you attended?

Dua Lipa at O2 Apollo Manchester last year, or Ben Howard at Edinburgh Playhouse (both reviewed over on my own blog lol #shamelessselfpromo). Clearly, completely different gigs, but I loved them both so much. I’d managed to finesse myself some early entry vip tickets for Dua, and couldn’t have been closer to her if I tried. We held hands and the wedding is next May. Ben Howard however, was just the most stunning evening I’ve probably ever had. It was a super hot June day, I had SEATS near the front, (something I’m beginning to appreciate more and more the further from 14 I get), and I was in my favourite city of them all. That man can make you feel like you’re literally the only person in the room and it’s magic.

OOOOH and Bruno Mars was a good one too.

6. First album you bought?

The Darkness – Permission To Land. I wish I had an explanation for you but I don’t so lets just move on.

7. Favourite lyric?

‘All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe’ – 2 Chainz.

Kidding. This one obviously changes a lot but to be honest, I still think Daughter produce some of the most stunning lyrics in their music. I particularly love ‘I’ll stay here, the provider of that constant sting they call love’ from Mothers on their second album Not To Disappear.

8. Song(s) that remind you of your childhood/teenage years?

I remember being about 3 or 4 and I was bought Westlife’s comic relief single (the Uptown Girl cover) and I had a little drum that I would bash the absolute living daylights out of ‘in time’ to the song. It’s a miracle my mum didn’t take up that man’s offer in Egypt to swap me for a camel really… (true story). A bit later than that it’d be Checkin’ It Out by Lil Chris.

My teenage years however are things like Liquid Confidence by You Me At Six, I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of? by A Day To Remember, Beech Like The Tree by Lower Than Atlantis, I’m A Bore, Mostly by Deaf Havana, and Lighthouse by Mallory Knox.

9. Song that reminds you of home?

I’ve got a few. SO, first would probably be Paolo Nutini’s cover of Caledonia (FIGHT ME). My mum loves him, so it reminds me of her. Next would be Crash Land by Twin Atlantic, some of my best memories involve being at a Twin gig back home and shouting the words ‘CELLO SOLO BARRY!’. A third is Bubbles by Biffy Clyro, which reminds me of my Gran… it’s her ringtone. And last is Stephen Fretwell’s Run and I don’t even think I have a reason for this one, it just makes me feel SAFE, like I do at home. Or when I’m wrapped in a blanket watching Gavin and Stacey. Which is 90% of the time.

10. Last song you listened to?

The Rain by Calvin Harris lol


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